Phil Taylor Darts Power 9Five Gen 1 Steel Tip Target Darts 22g, 24g and 26g

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  • Matched Weighed To A Tolerance Of +/- 0.05g 
  • Titanium power shaft included as standard 
  • Made From 95% Tungsten 
  • Available weights. 22, 24 and 26 grams
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The stunning Phil Taylor Power 9 Five Generation 1  from Target Darts finished with Target's unique patented Pixel Grip, each dart is manufactured from an ultra-dense 95% Tungsten billet each Dart has 90 individually machined axial pixel cuts along the length of the dart to give the unique and unparalleled tactile grip and finished with Phil's Azzurri Blue Titanium Nitride coating to each of the Pixel cuts and laser etched with the Power 9Five logo, supplied with steel dart points, the Titanium Power Shaft and Vision Edge flights complete a truly stunning dart.

Why choice the pixel grip?

The Precision milled pixel's as used by Phil Taylor offering unique bi-directional grip ensuring you have the ultimate control and grip giving you the confidence with your throw.


  • 3 x Dart Barrels
  • 3 x Power Titanium G1 Shaft natural
  • 3 x Phil Taylor Flights
  • 3 x 30MM Nickel Point