Michael van Gerwen – The Next Milestone?

Michael van Gerwen is a powerful force in the world of darts. The man seems to be almost unstoppable, having been at the head of the pack since 2013. So it is of course only natural that he would strive for bigger and better heights. We’re going to be taking a look at his latest goal, and see where the pro is going this time.

London Calling?

The action is at the O2 arena next week, as the newest competition will see Michael attempt to go for the top once more. The venue is home to the playoffs for the current premier league. That’s where van Gerwen will lock horns with his rival Rob Cross, who actually defeated him in their World Championship bout. Obviously, it’ll be interesting to see the two come and play each other once more, and it’s pretty difficult to know who will win out.

The thing about darts that you can’t help but love is that it can be anyone’s game. People have often been quite excited to watch their favourite player win the game, only to see him fall somewhat short. Michael van Gerwen is a very talented player, and it would be good to see him emerge victorious again. However, what’s great about this particular sport is that there is no definite winner or loser, it’s all down to how well people play and a healthy dose of luck.

Overall, we wish Michael the best of luck on Thursday, and we’ll definitely watch along and see what happens! However, it’s worth noting that it’s anyone’s game. The joyful thing about darts is that almost anyone can come in, start playing well, and take the competitive scene by storm. This is obviously quite an exciting concept, when you consider all the potential for fresh new talent that this can produce. If you’re inspired by these players, and think you’ve got what it takes, AS Pub Sports can help. We have a range of different options for you to choose from, providing you with everything you could need to enjoy a broad selection of Pub sport activities.